Kostas and Yerasimos Vlachos first noticed the fascination that road holds for them, being on their fathers bus working for KTEL association. Since they were young, they were both actively involved in KTEL’s councils and participated in activities related to it. Their occupation with KTEL has started from 1985 and is vividly continuing until today.

Having worked in each “post” of this demanding “profession” of passenger transportation they gained experience and knowledge making them experts in the field.”Journey has always been and still is our life source” they say and they speak the truth!

But above all they’ve learn to listen the needs and wants of their fellow travelers for is how they see them, not only like passengers, but companions to an exciting road trip!

Soon enough they realized that transferring people and organizing tours is what they know to do best and decided to put wheels on that organizing their long “journey”: Vlachos Tours.

Vlachos Tour started counting miles on 1992.Experience,safety and reliability are values that the company has built on since the first day of its establishment.

The services and amenities provided to its co-travelers bring the signature of people who combine both love and care for the journey along with professionalism.

The flawless organized tours, the experienced drivers, the specialized friendly staff, the modern and safest buses make Vlachos Tours the top choice for hundreds of thousands travelers.